SPACE by THIX Відгуки

A wonderful sandbox

This game is really incredible because it can take the sophistication of astrophysics and give you simple tools to navigate and control the a galaxy. It’s really beautiful. I went into an Apple store where SPACE was installed on the display iPads. On a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 this game was incredibly fluid. It’s simple UI didn’t need any explanation, I was immediately setting up planets and stars and black holes. I was really taken aback by how cool this app was. Knowing that part of the appeal of this app is the simplicity, I could understand not wanting to mess with it too much. But there are some functions that I think would really make this a lot more fun: 1. The ability to speed up time. Somethings I want to just see if a certain cluster I made is going to be fine in the long term. I like to experience the early parts of a forming start system, but there are other times where I just want to see the ‘end game’ of it. 2. Menu to hide the names and/or paths of the planets and stars. This seems to make everything really crowded when zoomed out. 3. Menu option to set ‘selecting distance’ or something to that effect. There are a lot of times when I’m editing and rotating the camera around a system, one of my swipes to rotate is interpreted as moving a blue giant 200 billion miles away. If I’m zoomed in on a system, i want to be editing only that system. This a a really fun game. I’m the biggest issue for me is that once I get to around 20 stars/planets, it requires more power than my iPhone 7 can provide without draining the battery or getting hot. I understand that incorporating my “time speed up” idea would likely put even more strain on the phone, having to calculate the gravity of the galaxy at 2000 times the speed it normally does. But it runs great on the current generation of phones.

Waste of Money!

I’m really into astronomy and had high hopes for this Space app based on the App Store editors review, but it was a huge disappointment. You can add various celestial bodies in space, but you can’t see them unless you zoom in individually. They are just tiny dots! What a waste of money!

Good, but the glitches...

I absolutely loved this app until I got up to seven objects in my miniature cosmos. It was glitching and spun me around my universe and was jerking around so I couldn’t do anything. Anyways, everything else is great. I would recommend having a key for each object that you have to be recorded in and tells you where it is in your universe. Please fix this glitch

Love it but...

I can’t get to the galaxy all it gives me is 1 light day and then poof won’t go further

Very Nice

I love space and creating galaxy’s it is fun and nice I love this app it was worth shelling out 3 bucks out of my wallet for this game I love it! ☺️

Great concept - poor execution

Being neither a rocket scientist or astrophysicist, I will assume the physics are correct in this model. It’s interesting to see how bodies interact and the music is ethereal and spacey, however it’s the visuals that fall well short. First the text, orbital lines are all light purple on a dark purple background making it all very difficult to see. They need stronger contrasting colors like bright yellow or white. Secondly, while proportionally having the planets as tiny micro dots may be accurate, it makes for a poor simulation. At the very least their relative size needs to be exaggerated to make the sim more visible.


I love this, but I would like to see some prebuilt universes from you guys that we could explore, also add the abbility to change time, like in universe sandbox 2


I like this game very much, I feel like a God creating a universe. But I have a few suggestions to add to the app/game. First we should have the ability to create any type of animal (including human like species) I think that we should create those to add to our planet and we could get notifications of what happens on that planet based on what the people are doing, say that a war happens and that could affect the planet, since wars actually do that in real life. Also we should have the ability to choose how much percentage of water the planets that we create have. But yeah the suggestions are just that you could create a species or choose one if you want to make humans. When we have the ability to create these, we should also be able to see what they look like and examine a species if we select it and we should also get to know what they create, for example a plane or car, something that changes the way they live. We should also choose how they look like , for example we can choose their skin tone, and what eye color this species can range to, also we can choose their nose shape or type. Also we can have the ability to choose that not all living things of this species is the same because there are short and tall humans, of different races, so when we create our species we should choose that this species can range from this height that is short to a tall height, also how their body works. Technically I just want the ability to create humans maybe even races (Black and White, Etc.) Except it would be our own way, and maybe we could create other species. We should also get to choose to see how they reproduce children and what type of foods they eat, for example a T-Rex could only eat meat. We should also get to zoom in on the planet and see what’s going on, like a war or at least get to see how they live, for example, in the 1920s people usually danced and watched movies almost everyday and the buildings weren’t tall as the buildings these days. Also based on the choices that these people make, it changes how they live as the years of their history pass by, another thing is, you can choose how fast time passes each second, or you could choose to make it real time too. One more suggestion is that when a planet is habitable the land should be green with grass, or you could just choose if you want it to grow grass and trees because my “Earth” is habitable and it has a lot of water but the land is only sand and I would really like for there to be an option for it to be green and grassy, but the people that you create can still affect this, say that they make a whole peace of land black and gray because of a war, and then the war ends and grass can grow back over the destroyed land again. But yeah I really hope you add these things, thanks for reading through this if you got to this point of the review and I really hope you add these. ❤️ 🌎🌍🌏

I Wish I Could Go Visit Other Worlds Using Solid Boosters!

Who Would Want To Explore Your Own Solar System? I Do! I Am Evan Mcpeak And I WANT An Update To This! I Wish You Could Fly Asteroids And Other Stuff. Exploring Worlds Would Be F.U.N. I Would Be Able To Explore Other Worlds! The Parts Would Be: Boosters Section: Solid Boosters, SLS Boosters, Delta 2 & 4 Boosters, And More! Ships Section: 3mm Asteroid, 1 foot Asteroid, 1 Meter Asteroid, 1 Mile Asteroid, 1 Kilometer Asteroid, And Planets! And More Parts!!

Planet customization

Can you please add planet customization options and also allow us to have multiple universes


Hard to manipulate. Boring. Hard to see.

Wasted money

Wish I could get my money back. If your putting this on your iPhone you better get some glasses or possibly play it on your 60 inch tv but I doubt that would help either. This is hard to see and the only tool bar seems to just add things. The natural finger swipes don’t seem to work as expected. You have the option of drag and drop your item in space but who the heck knows where it’s going since the orbits are set without any input from you.

Very simple additions

First of all, this is my new favorite app. But there is so much untapped potential! I’d love to see an option to show values for orbital and rotational velocity (or at least speed); axial tilt; length of day and year (and month if applicable). I think we’d all love the ability to set the volume and mass of our celestial objects, as well as that to change (or at least set) their rotational and orbital velocities (by swiping 😊).

Make it better

It’s a very good idea. The system is okay, place a planet a certain distance away from another object and it will orbit. It’s pretty cool. It’s hard to place planets though. I also wish there were more objects to place. Also please add a way to toggle motion controls, sometimes I don’t want it to turn every time I move.. It’s pretty good overall but could be better.

I love it

I love it but... how do I look at other people’s star systems? I’ve done it before and I was cool. But I can’t do it anymore! Pls tell me how.

Poor physics

The graphics look ok but the physics is just horrible! Try to reposition a planet or accidentally touch it and will run away on a linear trajectory. Just not what I was expecting. I really want my money back!

Okay, maybe

Okay, it’s a good game! But it would be awesome if you could watch life grow on ur planet. Maybe even being able to zoom in on a generated planet? Also, would love if there were some buttons that could auto make a galaxy!!! That would make this game the BEST!!! Also, space stations? Make it more real? Maybe some spaceships that kinda thing. Otherwise, it’s s cool game, just needs some cooler stuff, it could get boring if you don’t have all of that! Thanks!


This app could be very good. There is no depth to this. Everything other reviewers have stated previously still holds (bad controls, lack of depth, etc)

I love this app! But here are some feature suggestions...

An undo feature would useful, as well as an easier way to place moons. I zoom in on a planet, and pull out a moon, and the camera zooms out too far for me to place the moon on the planet’s orbit. I would also like to see a settings feature to turn on or off music and sfx. I would also like to see an option to make celestial bodies appear larger to make viewing your balanced star system more satisfying. All in all, I love this app! It is so much fun to play around with gravity, and see how many stars you can have in a star system before they all crash into each other and go supernova.

WASTED $3.00!!!

What a disappointment! Tiny graphics, does not respond well...BEWARE THIS COMPANY! 😡

Incredible simulator

It’s very peaceful and meditative to play, although it would be awesome if there were more cosmic objects to add. It would also be great to be able to choose the size of planets and stars on a sliding scale, for example.

False advertising

Claims to have the ability to zoom out and visit other galaxies, but this feature is not present. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

Cool graphics but.....

I want a refund, this game starts out without explaining anything and nothing worked like it should’ve. The graphics are cool but not worth $3. I just wish you would say how bad it is before you charge $3

On every device i own

Im fascinated and i love this app. Developers please keep working on this, it has still so much potential. Great work to each and every one of you, thankyou for this app.


I think this is a really cool little app that has good potential, but right now, not much is available. The controls are a bit funky. There should be more statistics shown than just the radius, temperature, and mass too. Also, I am unable to go into the galaxy and look at other’s creations. I’m just stuck in my little pocket of space. Update.


You can barely see the things you create!


It's Great really nice game

Needs work

While undeniably beautiful, the user-interface is incredibly difficult to manage and leaves a great deal to be desired. There’s no way to “orient” yourself on any baseline, and if you zoom out “too far” (which happens incredibly easily) you lose all context. Your celestial bodies are nothing more than ultra-tiny blips on a screen. If it were any worse it’d basically just be a non-interactive blueish screen with some occasional uncontrolled objects on it. This whole app feels unfinished. I’d like to be better able to see (and alter) the orbits of these bodies, as well as having a better view and experience as to how and when they interact. Example: I’d like to be able to build a star, float a planet around it (at a set distance) and float moons around the planet. I’d like to see more clearly how these objects behave and react to one another, and then I’d like to be able to change the equation by adding (X)celestial body to the equation. Right now this “game” becomes intolerable monotonous inside three minutes.

Great game just needs more work

The game is awesome. Please just update it and continue your hard work on fixing the bugs also making it more realistic.

Objects are way too small and...

• Objects are so tiny that you can even see the things you create. • Would be way better with an option to change the view/scale to reduce the distances between objects. Meaning, not have the true to life, massive scale of a solar system where you can only see a little tiny bit at a time. But have the objects appear a lot closer together without gravity running a muck. Solar Walk has this option. • Moving around in a 3 dimensional environment with 2 dimensional touch gestures is problematic. Aka hard to control. • Would like the ability to speed up or slow down time. Again, Solar Walk has this option. • The black holes have a graphic problem. There is a 2D square around them for some reason. • Add a pause button so I can stage collisions and such. All of these suggestions are gold! Take them under advisement. Lol.

A very great game but...

This game is great, and lets you model your own universe, but one recommendation. I reccomend for you to be able to tap into the information of planets. For example, to change the orbit looks and planet sizes. Also, be able to have planets with water and life if in the life zone, and after a while the beings on that planet will be able to colonize other planets. Thanks for listening, and keep up the work!

Awesome Distraction

At $3 this is a worthwhile investment. This app is awesome and if nothing else I finally realize why I'm not allowed to be god. I start out with good maybe even benevolent intentions but can't make it 5 mins without deciding my galaxy needs more supernovae to distract from all the black holes. I don't really know why I continue to come back to it but I do. As others have said there's a lack of direction and instruction but I myself enjoy that in a game with intuitive controls that this has. I'm not sure why some people have had issues. I have played other galaxy simulations tho so that could be why. The sounds and visuals are strangely beautiful and maybe even relaxing. I withheld one star only because it does feel like something is missing. Maybe a different game mode or the possibility to watch your planets develop life like in other galaxy sims? It's probably best it not happen in my galaxy thought. Those poor poor souls.

Celestial sandbox

I love this tool. People who call it a game truly miss the potential for exploration. If I may, a time element could be incorporated to determine how long a year is for any orbiting body. Even so this one is a real mind trip, for those with imagination.


So today I got some birthday money, and I spent it all on every app & in-app purchase made by THIX. (Totally worth it not gonna lie), Now I LOVE EVERYTHING MADE BY THIX, but there are a few things missing. In Space, some things that could be improved. 1. Add direct planet editing I am OK with the fact that it will only show you info about planets, but It would be nice if you could edit planets manually. 2. Add "space" moving I am fine with having a spot in the universe, but come, on! Can't you just let us move to another spot in the universe? And with that, those are my only complaints.

Could be great but

This app is very interesting when you first purchase it. After a while it gets kinda boring. The developers can make a amazing game just by implementing new ideas and objects


But too minimalistic. I need some guidance or objective to work towards. I would also like to actually SEE the celestial bodies; right now they're just tiny specs (I get it-they're small in real life when you're zoomed out that far). Great concept but poor execution. It's fun for a little bit but just overall confusing. For $3 I was expecting a bit more.


It is okay. Not worth 2.99 though. They give you nothing to put down and the controls stink.


I don't write reviews very often but this time it's irresistible. Do you know how exciting it is to put a dwarf planet on the orbit of a pulsar? I tried many times to make them travel in the pattern I like.

So much potential wasted.

This could've been cool and worth every cent. BUT it's so difficult to even place anything. Everything is such a tiny dot. Which is annoying. :I Bye bye Space app.


I love this app, i'm obsessed with space & astronomy so I wasted no time in getting this the moment I saw it. It's very relaxing and nice, but it'd be helpful if there was some kind of guide on the side that could kind of help me figure out the basics of what i should be doing. But it's very nice. 💫💓

If you're bored, GREAT game!

It's super beautiful. I love the ambient music too. But the lack of tutorial made it difficult to play at first. Also there are some bugs and the celestial bodies are kind of small and hard to see. But yeah, great sandbox overall!

Nice idea but...,

Seems like a good idea. What I can see of it looks fun. However I really can't see the space I create. Try to zoom in and it runs in too far and the same pulling away. Very dark the lines of orbits are difficult to see. I'm afraid I wasted $3.

Don't bother

It's painfully difficult to use on the iPhone.

Could've been a good app, however...

This app just doesn't live up to any kind of expectation after reading the description. The developers could have made it like the description, in which case this app would have been worth every cent, but instead they totally undershot any kinds of effort towards making this anything worth purchasing (I don't think I'd have it on my phone even if it was a free app). The display is super lousy, as your planets in orbit are merely speckles on you're screen unless you zoom in to one planet. The control are hideous... it's near impossible to click the tiny specks (planets and stars) on your screen and move them however you wish to. And lastly, there's very, VERY, few things you can put into your space galaxy, and the learning experience is minimal to almost non-existent, as all you really get to see (once you defeat the impossible and manage to zoom into a specific orbit of planets you've made) is the radius of the planet and the temperature. This app is a weak attempt to scamming trusting people (like myself) of $3. I feel like such a sucker who got robbed by this developer.


Worst $3 I ever spent. Very anti climactic! Absolutely nothing to do.


Great app! I love it! You could've taken it to the next level but it's still a great app.


This game is the only one of its kind for mobile devices. Very relaxing and a good cure for boredom! Lacking a tutorial though. Explosions would be GREAT!

Good but...

Haven't wrote an app review in years but after shelling out 3 bucks I figured the developers ought to have my feedback. Great game outstanding implementation of the scope and scale of the universe all in the palm of your hands. This game blew me away from the get go but initially you're kinda left to figure out how exactly do you work this thing. I started throwing out a few nebulas here a few pulsars there not really seeing any significant change or reaction just celestial bodies strewn around the cosmos. The fun began when I dropped in a yellow giant and placed a couple terrestrial stars around it then I was like duh gravity. I'm god and I make my universe as I please as long as they comply with the laws of physics. This is a great game with huge upside the only reservations I have is after you drop 7 or so celestial bodies it's begins to lag and begins flinging you uncontrollably throughout your universe. I'm sporting a 7 plus so I know it can't be a ram or gpu issue. Just filthy bugs, not really a deal breaker but for a game that cost 3 bucks you would expect it to be a little bit more refined and polished. I hope the developers dish out an update soon enhancing the experience while squashing the bugs. Back to my universe...


Thank you for making it available for the iPhones

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